The company

The company PSiRC was founded in March of 2011. It's the embodiment of what is inside of each of its members, is a dream come true. Fate willed that, despite the years and the different routes they chouse, their paths have led toghether again after learning in different schools and countries. They create acrometria, where they decide to integrate the experiences that each one carries in his backpack, sharing with each other and with the public everything that from small they wanted to be or communicate ...

The company creatad the number "LAB" in May 2012, which has been at festivals such as the Trapezi Reus, the Grec, the 123's Pallasso, the Fira de Circ de la Bisbal de l'Empordà.  In 2012 it received the support of Chemins Emergents.

They have also been part of Curtcirkit, Coleur Pavé, Kulturufer, Stramu, Murenschalk Circorts with the “work in progress” of the show "acrometria", his new creation.


Wanja Kahlert (28 August 1986)
Hand to hand base.

He recieves the basis of his circus skills at the workshops at the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona. He continues his training in handstands, acrobatics and  aerial silk in Argentina, 2009-2010, with a variety of teachers, including Sasha Mokrouchine and Nicolas Piaggio.
Returning to Europe, 2010-11, he continues his training in hands to hands with Martin Soler, and in  other techniques, with Roberto Olivan, Juan Catala, Pascal Angelier among others.


Adria Montaña (6 September 1983)
Hand to hand flyer.

After graduating from physiotherapy, he decides for the Rogelio Rivel Circus School in Barcelona. Afterthat , he continued his training in Europe with other teachers, such as Claude Victoria, Pascal Angelier, Roberto Olivan, Chrisian Atanasiu.
He begins his career at the opening of the Barcelona Grec Festival and the Circa Festival of Auch. Then he works in the companys t'circusic’s and the Blues de Circ Project.
He has worked with directors, such as Roberto Magro, Alessandro Marcello Chiarenza and Serena.


Anna Pascual Fernandez (22 July 1983)
Chinese pole, hand to hand flyer.

She began her career in the circus Rogelio Rivel Circus School during the 2006-08 academic year, attending classes in acrobatics, handstands, trampoline, mini-trampoline, theater and dance. She decides to take a third year (2008-09) specializing in hand to hand, but after a year of working the pair breaks because differences of interests.
That is why she decided to present to the Flic Scuola di Circo di Torino, where she took two years (2009-11) specializing in Chinese pole.

She has been selected by both circus schools to participate in the creation of a show to present at the Circus Festival of Auch (within the school presentations) and has participated in various festivals in Switzerland and in Italy (La Plage de six Pompes-Switzerland, Novara Art Festival-Italy ).

From a very early age she plays the piano, and later the accordion, an instrument used in many of her artistic interpretations.

Also part of the company Circus Klezmer, she performs in various actions as hand in hand flyer and clown.