My name is Hor

what we will show you won’t make you more intelligent or virtuous, as our circus is neither school nor church.

here there’s no past, present or future. we don’t have any intention, we don’t want even to lie to you.

we don’t argue. we don’t want to demonstrate, denounce or teach anything. We don’t want even to convince you about the CONTENT of our

show, in the case you prefer to consider it empty.

It could seem that it’s not necessary that you join us, but that’s not the case


We think we are very likeable.


My name is Hor | circus, puppetes and things

Premiere: April 2018

Idea and Creation: PSiRC

With: Adrià Montaña and Wanja Kahlert

Colaboration in dramaturgy and direction: Rolando SanMartin






Acrometria is a disturbing and promising encounter. Within minutes the trio takes us to a spectacular, funny, light and deep universe.
Acrometria studies the distance between the psyche and the infinite realities. An emotional, metaphorical and abstract triangle, where you can play to create new human geometries. It is the
embrace between physical risk and the ingenuity of the soul, is geometry of emotions.

Duration: 50 minutes
Cast: Wanja Kahlert, Adrià Montaña, Anna Pascual
Concept and creation: PSiRC
Direction: PSiRC, with Roberto Magro, Johnny Torres and Alba Sarraute.
Light design: Oscar de Paz
Technical set: Benet Jofre
Orignal music: Sofie Tuchscherer, Dalmau Boada


With the support of:        And the collaboration of:



3 is where you arrive when you are no longer afraid of sharing your own human fragilties, listening and playing with constant disequilibrium which implies the experience of living.

3 is a cabaret number, based on dancing and acrobatics.

Duration: 10 minutes
Cast: Wanja Kahlert , Adrià Montaña, Anna Pascual
Concept and creation: PSiRC





Without fear, take a hand that asks for help to share  life. Feel the power of the other to exit the cube where, without realizing it, you've foundyourself embedded ....
Hand to hand, draw a new shared reality where everything is possible if you listen and trust the other, a new intimacy to discover new forms, new movements, new balances, to learn in company ...

LAB is a circus number in cabaret format.

It's hand to hand, acrobatics and dance, with one single element: of a wooden cube of 60x60cm.

The show is in the selection of  Chamins Émergents, a project by Process()s and Pirineus de Circ, which gives support to new circus numbers.


Duration: 7 minutes
Cast: Wanja Kahlert , Adrià Montaña
Concept and creation: PSiRC
Art Direction: Alba Sarraute
Circus techinque: Marti Soler



Let go

Maybe not fall, but slip ... Sweet as the river that brings you to the see ...
Suspended at the top of the mast, apparently forgotten, fragile ... Silently, hanging in that part of the world that does not belong to anyone, without fear of falling.
And in the fall there is the beauty of all you are losing. In the slip you can feel the sense of excitement, a hope of a further rise, to infinitely dance with those who win and lose every day ...

"Let Go" is a cabaret number which main technique is chinese pole.

Duration: 7 minutes
Cast: Anna Pascual
Concept and creation: Anna Pascual